US Envoy Calls On DPM Pokharel, pledges continued support

US Ambassador to Nepal Randy Berry called on Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Ishwar Pokharel on Sunday.

“The government has recently regularised the social activities and businesses in the country by becoming very cautious and maintaining compulsory health protocols in all government and private offices,” DPM Pokharel said during a meeting with the American Ambassador to Nepal, Randy Berry at the Ministry.

DPM Pokharel said that the government of Nepal has been establishing a better coordination among the three-tier governments to control and minimise the infection rate of the COVID-19.

The government of Nepal has still been regulating international borders to discourage free movement of the people from the land and has managed quarantines and isolation centres to those who have come from abroad, Joint Secretary and spokesperson at the Ministry of Defence Santa Bahadur Sunar quoted DPM Pokharel as saying.

During the meeting, the Defence Minister thanked the US government for providing economic and social assistance to Nepal although the US itself was in critical situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a press note issued by the Defence Ministry.

DPM Pokharel also expressed sorrow on behalf of Nepal government over the deaths of thousands of the US citizens from the COVID-19.

On the occasion, Ambassador Berry said that the US government would continue the US support to Nepal in the economic and social sectors in the years to come.

He said the US support to Nepal has been continuing for the last 70 years.
Ambassador Berry, during the meeting, also praised the efforts made by the government of Nepal to contain the cases of COVID-19 and urged the DPM to give priority to maintaining social distancing while resuming the social activities.

Ambassador Berry said that both the countries should work together to fight against the coronavirus to minimise further infections and human loss.

The US government was always ready to support and work together with Nepal despite the difficult situation in America, he said.

Officials from the Ministry of Defence and the American Embassy were present during the meeting.