100-Bed Isolation Ward In Tanahu

With the start of second wave of corona virus, seven local levels, out of 10, of Tanahu district have constructed 100-bed isolation ward.

Most of the local levels of the district have constructed isolation ward to treat Covid-19 patients in a safer places.

Deputy-Mayor of Shukla Gandaki municipality, Sabita Rasaili, said that the municipality has constructed 65-bed isolation ward at two places.

Rhishing rural municipality has established 10-bed isolation ward, five-bed isolation ward each by Myade rural municipality, Bhimad municipality, Devghat rural municipality, Ghiring rural municipality and Abukhaireni rural municipality.

Vyas municipality, Bhnau municipality and Bandipur rural municipality have not constructed isolation ward.

Chief Administrative Officer of Sukla Gandaki municipality, Dilli Ram Sigdel, said that a 63-bed quarantine has been set up at the building of Chhetri Samaj, Vyas-1.

Bhanu municipality had set up 25-bed quarantine at Sharada Lohani School last year and process has been forwarded to establish quarantine there, said Deputy-Mayor, Asha Thapa.

Likewise, Devghat rural municipality has established health desk at every border points as well as decided to ferry Covid patients free of cost.

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