106 Megawatt Of Electricity Being Generated From Kulekhani Hydel To Be Continued

The Kulekhani Hydro Power Project (hydel) I at Makwanpur district has decided to give continuity to the generation of 106 megawatt of electricity that was being produced on a daily basis.

The Hydel Project Office Chief Dhirendra Chaudhary shared that move was made after the instruction of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) which aims to ensure smooth supply of the electricity during the upcoming festival time.

During the festival time, the consumption of electricity is higher. With the continuation of electricity production, the NEA could produce power in full capacity so as to ensure regular supply of the electricity which could get interrupted due to bad weather at any moment.

The Hydel has three power production houses. The first one generates 60 megawatt of electricity, second 32 and third one 14.

The Hydel is situated at Indrasarobar Reservoir at Indrasarobar Rural Municipality in Makawanpur district.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,