12,000+ Recover In Province 2

The number of people recovering from Corona Virus infection has crossed 12,000 in Province no. 2. Of the total 14,620 cases of COVID-19 as of October 16, 12,272 have recovered, according to the health directorate, Janakpurdham.

The number of active cases is 1,689 in the eight districts of the province, said acting director Bijaya Kumar Jha. So far, 159 people have succumbed to the deadly virus.

The province had recorded its first case of COVID-19 in mid-April when three Indian nationals who had come to Parsa district were confirmed positive. Since then the infection spread to all the eight districts, with the peak reaching in mid-August. More than, 5,000 cases were recorded during this period, where 66 people died.

The number came down to 2,000 plus in mid-September and 48 deaths, the Directorate has said.

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