12th grader commits suicide in Nepal – blames teacher in suicide note

  • July 29, 2019

A grade 12 student from Kanchanpur, Suraj Lekhak has quit – in a suicide note issued by him he has blamed Harilal Joshi, Coordinator of plus 2 wing, Lord Buddha Academy, Mahendranagar. After some investigation, we realised Suraj alleged he was ‘wrongfully accused’ by his teacher. The same teacher complained about him to his parents, after which he ‘quit’.

In a long story published by his brother Sagar Lekhak, he alleges, the accused coordinator wrongly accused him of smoking and drinking outside school premises. He claimed he was only sitting at the cafe and was not smoking, however the coordinator took him to the school, physically beat him up, and then informed his parents. Suraj’s mother is a teacher at the same school.

In the letter, Suraj, after stating Joshi to be the reason, apologises to the father for not being able to be the son he wanted him to be. He tells the family to live happily and assures his father he has two more sons to take care of him. He yet again explains that he did not smoke or drink.

The school has since expelled the teacher in question, and the parents have filed a police complaint against Joshi.