1,325 People Face Action For Not Wearing Mask In Kathmandu

Katmandu Metropolitan Police has detained 1,325 people in Kathmandu on Sunday for not wearing face mask.
Police started taking action against the people who come out of their houses without wearing face mask even when the cases of coronavirus are surging.
According to Superintendent of Police and spokesperson Ramesh Kumar Basnet, 1,325 people walking on the road without wearing mask were grilled and held for an hour. Among them, 1,003 were males and 322 females.
According to him, the police had been repeatedly requesting people to make the mask mandatory while coming out of their homes. They were later released after giving them a class on the public health protocols, according to the police.
As the coronavirus infection rate has increased, masks have been made mandatory, but in many places, people still walk without wearing masks, he said.