160 Climbers Get Permission To Climb Mt Manaslu

Mountaineers are found attracted to climb the 8,163-metre-tall Mount Manaslu this autumn.

The Department of Tourism has granted permission to 160 climbers of 16 expedition groups to climb Mt Manaslu.

Similarly, a group has taken permission till Monday to climb Mt Kanchanjangha, according to the Department. It is 8,586 meters tall.

A total of Rs 3.146 million has been collected as royalty so far from it. Autumn is considered the best season for climbing mountains. A remarkable number of domestic and foreign mountaineers used to climb mountains in this season.

Domestic and foreign climbers have acquired permission to climb mountains in this season even at the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A significant number of tourists including some distinguished foreign guests had climbed the mountains during the COVID-19 pandemic last year too, according to the Department.

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