18,000 Oxygen Cylinders Provided By China Reach Tatopani Border

A total of 18,000 oxygen cylinders provided by the Government of China to Nepal under grant assistance have reached the Tatopani border.

Ganesh Pandey, press advisor to Deputy Prime Minister Ishwar Pokharel informed The Rising Nepal that the cylinders had reached Tatopani, adding that the necessary procedure was being done to transport the cylinders to Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, Narad Mani Gautam, chief at Tatopani Customs Office said, “We have received unofficial information that the vehicles carrying oxygen cylinders have crossed Nalyam Customs Office located at Khasa in China. The cylinders are expected to arrive by today evening.”

Gautam added that he had received unofficial information that around 7,500 cylinders procured by private sectors were also arriving shortly. “No official information as to the number of cylinders provided by China has been received yet,” he said.

He said that the cylinders would reach Kathmandu by tomorrow.