1,873 ‘attempted rape’ cases registered in Nepal last year

  • August 2, 2019

‘Nepal recorded 1,873 incidents of attempted rape last year (2075-76)’, a report says. The nation recorded 1,480 in 2074-75, and 1,137 cases in 2073-74.

The data has been released by Nepal Police – however no comments are being made if the number of ‘attempted rapes are on the rise’, or if more people are coming forward to report the case.

Attempted rape is a sexual assault in which the motive for the assault is rape. Sexual abuse (all forms)  is a growing concern in Nepal – as speak the numbers. 1,873 incidents tell us at least five women are coming forward everyday telling us they were ‘almost raped’ – a situation which requires immediate action at all levels.

Government needs to formulate policies to curb the amount of such incidents – swift action by authorities would set a good example. In Nepal, most cases take years to complete – a frustrating task for most victims. Several studies have also shown that victims do not report cases due to fear of society’s stigmatisation – proper outreach programs for victims to reach out for help is necessary.