19 Injured In First Day Of Bisket Jatra

Altogether 19 persons were injured in the Bisket jatra, a chariot pulling festival that began in Bhaktapur on Saturday.

Some were injured after falling off the chariot while some were injured in clashes that took place among the revelers.

As the chariot had reached Nasman at around 7:00 pm, 79-year-old Krishna Gopal Mulguthi and 26-year-old Dipesh Sangache were injured after coming under the wheels of the chariot, police said.
Likewise, Manish Sintakal,18, Ramesh Mata, Amik Tyayana, Sunil Bhujel were injured while pulling the chariot.

They are undergoing treatment in various hospitals in the valley.

At around 1:00 am, clash took place among the groups involved in pulling the chariot.

People pelted stones at each other after a dispute over fulfilling the route specified by Bhaktapur municipality.

The chariot pulling resumed this morning and has been taken towards Gahiti.

Source : RSS,