2,000-Litre Oxygen Tank Being Built At Bheri Hospital

Considering the shortage of oxygen, Bheri Hospital, Nepalgunj has started constructing 2,000-litre-capacity liquid oxygen tank inside its compound.
Chairman of the Hospital Development Committee Pramod Dhital said that the construction of oxygen tanks had been started to resolve the problem of oxygen shortage in the long run due to the surging cases of COVID-19 patients in the district.
As the hospital does not have its own oxygen plant, after the construction of the oxygen tank, it would be able to store 2,000 liters of oxygen, he added.
Dr. Prakash Thapa, Bheri Hospital chief said though the hospital would be able to store only 2,000 liters of oxygen, it would be easier for the hospital to provide oxygen to the needy patients. Lately, the hospital has witnessed rising number of the COVID-19 patients needing oxygen support.