206 Cases Of Gender-Based Violence Reported In A Month

As many as 206 cases of violence against women were reported from all over the country during the month of Bhadra (mid-August to mid-September), a report says.
According to the Women Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) data, in total, 109 cases of domestic violence and 41 cases of rape were reported during the period.
Similarly, 25 cases of social violence, 11 cases of murder, six cases of sexual violence, four cases of women trafficking, three cases of attempt to rape, three cases of suicide and one case of cybercrime were reported over the same time, the WOREC said.

Similarly, three cases of human trafficking, one case of acid attack and one each case of attempt to murder and attempt to trafficking were reported during that period.
The data further showed a majority of the victims of violence against women (VAW) belonged to the age group of 17-25 years (34 per cent) followed by 26-35 years (30 per cent).
As per the report, the relation between the victims and the perpetrators showed that husband accounted for 96 VAW cases (47 per cent), followed by neighbours in 42 cases (20 per cent), family members in 32 cases (16 per cent), and intimate partners in 17 cases (8 per cent), Likewise, unknown persons accounted for seven such cases, service providers accounted for six, friends in four and one each from teacher and a partner of living relation, the report added.

The data further showed a majority of the perpetrators of violence against women belonged to the age group of 26-35 years (29 per cent) followed by 17-25 years (20 per cent).
Analysing the report, it can be said that women were not safe in any place. They are not safe even from the people they spend most of their time with.
“Violence against women has undermined women’s basic rights such as freedom and the right to a dignified life, the right to equality and the right to be free from torture,” said said Lubraj Neupane, Executive Director of WOREC.

“Without an end to violence against women, social justice and lasting peace cannot be established in the country,” he said, adding, “In order for the country to realize the dream of sustainable development and prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalis, it is necessary to end all forms of violence against women.”
He further highlighted the need to change people’s mindset, make every household safe for women to live, alteration in policy, rules and regulations implemented in the past and introducing relevant campaigns. 

Source : TRN,