21 Recovered Two Wheelers Handed Over To Owners

Twenty-one stolen motorcycles from different parts of the Kathmandu Valley on different dates have been found and handed over to their rightful owners on Tuesday.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has handed over 11 scooters and 10 motorcycles to the real owners after verifying the documents.

A team of plain clothes-wearing traffic policemen deployed by the Division searched and recovered the two-wheelers from various places. Chief of the Division Janak Bhattarai handed over the motorcycles to the concerned owners.

Bhattarai said that the two-wheelers were recovered from the valley and its surrounding areas after collecting special information and that those involved in the theft were arrested and immediately sent to various police circles for necessary action.

Of the 326 motorcycles lost this fiscal year, 146 have been recovered so far, according to the police. Of these, 122 have been handed over to the owners and another 24 are in process of being verified to ascertain their owners, the Division said.

Source : TRN,