2,500 Tourism Sector People Vaccinated Against COVID-19 In First Phase

Around 2,500 people associated with the tourism sector in Pokhara have been vaccinated against coronavirus on Thursday at the coordination of the Pokhara Tourism Council.

Council General Secretary Ram Chandra Sharma said that the vaccine against COVID-19 was administered to tourism-related workers, staff and tourism entrepreneurs on the basis of priority at five different places of Pokhara.

He shared that arrangement of 500 doses of vaccine was made in each vaccination station.

Similarly, Council Chair Gopi Bahadur Bhattarai said that the government has made arrangements of 2,500 doses of vaccine for the tourism sector in the first phase.

Bhattarai opined, “We had been demanding vaccine against COVID-19 with three-tier of government since earlier. We received 2,500 doses of vaccine in the first phase.”

He further said that they are hopeful that the government would provide vaccines to the remaining persons associated with the tourism sector soon. More than 20,000 people are associated with the tourism sector in Pokhara, shared Bhattarai.

Source : RSS,