29 Local Levels Of Karnali Basin Implement Drinking Water, Sanitation Projects

Twenty-nine local levels of Karnali river basin from Karnali, Sudurpaschim and Lumbini Provinces have implemented a project relating to clean drinking water and sanitation.

The USAID Karnali Water Activity launched the project focusing multidimensional use of water at Rara Khatyada, Tila Karnali, Mid Karnali and Lower Karnali watershed areas.

The project informed that the five-year-long scheme would spend 24.07 million US dollars in its activities. The project is being implemented in Khatyad, Soru and Chhayanath Rara of Mugu district; Tila of Jumla, Mahabai, Shuvakalika, Tilagufa, Khadachakra and Naraharinath of Jumla district; Ramaroshan, Panchadeval Binayak, Makal bazaar and Turmakhad of Achham district; Athbis, Thatikandh, Chamundabindrasaini, Bhairavi and Dullu of Dailekh district; Barahatala, Panchapuri and Chaukune of Surkhet district; Thakurbaba, Madhuban, Geruwa, and Rajapur of Bardiya district; Tikapur, Janaki, Lamkuchuha and Mohanyal of Kailali district.

Project chief Nilu Basnyat informed that the project implantation had begun in the respective areas. It would be enforced by cooperating with all local, province and federal governments, she said, adding, “The project emphasizes access to clean water in the watershed area via the promotion of good governance in pure drinking water and sanitation.”

According to her, supply of safe and clean drinking water would be ensured in 270 communities by the end of 2026. Biodiversity of hydro resources and watershed are other objectives of the project. The vulnerable people would be major beneficiaries.

Source : RSS,