32 Nepalis Rescued From Afghanistan Arrive Home

Additional 32 Nepali nationals who were evacuated from the Taliban-ruled Afghanistan safely returned to Kathmandu on Saturday.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has confirmed the safe return of 32 Nepali nationals to Nepal from Afghanistan today. With this, the total number of Nepali nationals evacuated from Afghanistan has reached 940, the MoFA stated.
The MoFA issued a statement and informed that those who returned home today were illegally working in Afghanistan without permission for foreign employment and were scattered in small groups in different parts of Kabul.
At the request of the Ministry, IDG Company had provided safe accommodation and food for the stranded Nepali nationals. 

940 Nepali nationals repatriated so far

Now only a small number of Nepali nationals deployed for the security of the UN agencies that are providing essential services to the Afghan people are still at work in Kabul, the MoFA informed.
“The UN has assured Nepal that it would take care of them and evacuate them safely in case of any emergency situation,” the MoFA stated in its release.

The MoFA said it was closely monitoring the situation since the Taliban takeover and coordinating and facilitating efforts to bring its citizens safely back to Nepal.
To ensure evacuation and repatriation of Nepali nationals living in Afghanistan for employment, coordination was done with various western countries including India, USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, the United Nations, embassies in Japan, NATO officials, as well as the employer organisations, the MoFA stated.

The MoFA has extended sincere gratitude to all agencies, employer organisations, friendly countries and UN agencies for their support in evacuating and repatriating Nepali nationals from Afghanistan.

Source : TRN,