38 Per Cent Of Magnetite Found In Baitadi Iron Mine, Company Ready To Set Up Plant In Four Months

A test has found that 38 per cent of magnetite in the second iron mine of Baitadi.

The company involved in exploration has claimed that a plant can be established within 4 months if the mine area is made accessible by road and electricity is supplied there.

The mine is located at Luharpani of Sugarkhola in ward number 1 of Sigas Rural Municipality of the district.

Shivam Mineral had taken the permission for exploration from the Department of Mines and Geology.

A member of the study team of the company, Mandeep Paudel, said that the iron ore composed of 38 per cent of magnetite.

Magnetite ore can be used in steel and cement industry.

The Iron mine is located in 3 km south from Bindraban along the Jayprithvi road that runs through Baitadi and Bajhang.

National transmission line is extended to Khodpe in Patan Municipality-8, some 11 km away from the location of the iron mine.

Paudel said, “80 percent of the study has been completed, adding, “It is exciting to find 38 percent iron in the magnetite extracted from the mine.”

But, there is a need of infrastructure, electricity, and drinking water. The government is required to take initiatives for electricity and road access, which are not far away from the mine area. Only 3 km long road can take to the station, he said.

Shyam Adhikari of the company said that local government, provincial government, federal government have been requested for the construction of the required infrastructure before starting exploration of the iron mine.

Adhikari said, “Physical distance increases difficulty as there is lack of road and electricity. Plant can be established if there is transmission of electricity, which is currently 11 km away from mine and the road is 3 km away. We need 5mw electricity operate the plant. We will soon set up plant if government takes initiatives for transmission line and other necessary infrastructure.

Only three mw electricity of Chameliya Hydro is supplied to Batadi presently. However, 5 mw electricity is needed for the mine. Therefore, provincial and federal government should take initiative to provide needed electricity from Chameliya by installing equipment that can support 5mw transmission line, he said.

Iron mine is located within the area of community forest. Provincial forest ministry and federal forest ministry have not yet respond to the request for mediation.

Sigas Municipality Chairman, Harisingh Dhami, said that there will be creation of employment in local as well as provincial level when the mine is brought to operation and that they had extended all necessary support for the iron mine study team.