400 KV Transmission Line To Be Installed In Eastern Nepal

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has put the construction of Arun-Inaruwa-Tingla-Mirchaiya 400 kV transmission line in its top priority to link electricity of small and medium hydel-projects of eastern-Nepal in the national grid.

This transmission line will be divided into three sections.

The feasibility study for the possible transmission line, which will be divided into three sections, and sub-stations have been completed with the assistance of the World Bank.

Megaprojects like Arun-4, Kimathanka, upper Arun, Dudhkoshi under the ownership of NEA are located in the region.

Managing Director of NEA Kulman Ghising confirmed that this transmission line is prioritized due to these mega-projects in addition to others.

He informed that all types of study will be completed in a year and NEA will be focused accordingly on its financial and other management issues.

The 345 km long transmission line of 400 kV will be connected by different sub-stations, and its construction is divided into three different sections. The first section is the 100 km Inaruwa-Anarmani, the second section is 130 km Arun-Inaruwa and the third section is 115 km Arun-Dudhkoshi-Tingla.

The ELC Electronic has been working on the feasibility study and detailed design of the project.

The NEA has been conducting a study of the power flow of the transmission line.

NEA chief Ghishing said that the construction of the transmission line will be completed in seven years.

Source : TRN,