507 Inmates Contract COVID-19 At Siraha Prison

Five hundred and seven inmates at the Siraha Prison have at once tested positive for coronavirus.

The prison which has the capacity to accommodate 125 persons is currently sheltering 599 persons. Of the 599 inmates, 507 have tested positive for coronavirus, the Prison administration stated.

Prison chief Babita Mahato said they are facing difficulty in managing after more than 507 inmates tested positive at once. She said the risk has increased as all the inmates have to be kept inside the jail facility.

“Coronavirus has not been seen in the remaining 92 inmates.

They are also at risk of the virus as the infected inmates are also kept in the same premises,” Mahato said.

According to her, the infected inmates should be kept in isolation but they have not got directives for this from the government.

The prison administration is facing problem in managing immune-boosting and nutritious food due to the sheer number of infected.

Meanwhile, a social organisation called Mukti Nepal has provided 1,000 face masks, one litre sanitizer and 20 mosquito nets for use by the inmates. Chairman of Mukti Nepal, Shyam Saha handed over the masks, sanitizer and nets to Prison Chief Mahato on the occasion of the 41st Social Service Day on September 22.

Source: RSS, Photo: RSS,