6 pm scenes: Kathmandu’s empty roads (A photo feature)

Madan Bhandari Road, view overlooks Babar Mahal, Bijuli Bazaar and New Baneshwor.

Roads in Kathmandu, which otherwise would be packed with vehicles carrying commuters homes are seen deserted as Nepal’s lockdown continues.

2. New Baneshwor from Minbhawan (Outside Civil Service Hospital)

3. Sinamangal, view overlooks Tinkune.

4. Bus stop at Koteshwor Chowk – other days would be seen packed with vehicles.

5. Thapathali Chowk, as seen from outside Kal Mochan Temple, Thapathali.

6. Thapathali to Tripureshwor Chowk, as seen from outside Kal Mochan Temple.

7. Kupondole, view overlooks Pulchowk.

8. Bagmati Bridge near Gaushala, view overlooks Ring Road leading to Gaushala Chowk.

9. A freshly completed zebra-crossing in Ring Road (outside TIA Cargo Building).

Note: All pictures taken on 07th April, 2020 – published on 08th April, 2020.