60 Thousand Goats Being Supplied To Kathmandu Valley

The Food Management and Trading Company Limited and Department of Livestock Services are preparing to supply 60,000 goats to Kathmandu Valley for the upcoming Dashain festival.

“In the previous years, we had sold 50 to 60 thousand goats in Kathmandu. Thus, on the basis of the record of previous market consumptions, we are planning to supply goats in the same number,” said Dr. Chandra Dhakal, spokesperson of the department.

Meanwhile, although the Food Management and Trading Company Limited had decided to procure 2,000 goats and 1,000 mountain goats for Kathmandu Valley, they have been unable to procure mountain goats.

Shiromani Khanal, deputy general manager of the company, said that 2,000 goats were being brought from Dang and Hetauda.

“We had made efforts to procure 1,000 mountain goats. But as no sufficient mountain goats were found in the upper Mustang and it is impossible to import from China due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not supplying mountain goats this year,” said Khanal.

He added that the pricing of the goats would be done two days before Ghatasthapana, which is on October 7. “We have decided to quote lesser than the market price and provide a discount of Rs. 10 in each kilogram,” said Khanal.

According to spokesperson Dhakal, negotiations were being held with Goat Farmers Federation Nepal and other organisations as such to procure goats.

Source : TRN,