64 Representatives Of Salyan Choose CPN (US)

As many as 64 people’s representatives of Salyan, who were elected on CPN-UML tickets, joined the CPN (Unified Socialist), Saturday.
Out of 23 ward chairpersons elected from CPN-UML in the district, 16 ward chairpersons have verified themselves in favour of the Madhav Kumar-led CPN (Unified Socialist), after reaching the district office of the Election Commission.

Acting district election officer Tejendra Kumar Chand said that a total of 64 people had verified their names in favour of CPN (US) on Thursday and Friday.
According to him, 64 people’s representatives from 10 local levels of the district have chosen CPN (Unified Socialist).

One chair and deputy chair of rural municipalities have also verified themselves, while other 46 ward members have also joined the new party.
Chitra Bahadur Chalaune, chairperson of Siddhakumakh Rural Municipality, and Tila Budha Magar, vice-chairperson of Kapurkot Rural Municipality, reached the election office and verified in favour of CPN (US).
Meanwhile, leader of CPN (US) Prakash Jwala, who reached the election office, said the party was moving ahead by reorganising as there was no alternative to revolt against UML because party chairman KP Sharma Oli had betrayed the country, people and the communist movement.

He urged the cadres not to get confused as they were moving ahead with the objective of building a larger communist party.
Meanwhile, local people’s representatives of Dailekh have started choosing the newly formed CPN (Unified Socialist).
People’s representatives of local bodies have started verifying their names in favour of the CPN (US) by reaching the district election office.

On Friday, chairman, vice-chairman, ward chairmen, executive members and other ward members of Mahabu Rural Municipality reached the district election office and verified their names in favour of the CPN (US).
According to Tirtha Subedi, acting head of the district election office, Dailekh, 25 people’s representatives, including three ward chairmen, verified their names for the new party. He informed that the Election Commission had instructed not to make public the names of the people’s representatives who verified their names before September 7.

In Dailekh, which has 11 local levels, two chairpersons and two deputy-chairs have chosen CPN (Unified Socialist) leaving their mother party.
Savitri Malla, deputy-chair of Narayan Municipality, Tara Kumari Shahi (Khatri), deputy-chief of Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality, Susmita Singh, vice-chair of Thatikandh Rural Municipality, Dan Bahadur Thapa, chairman of Bhagwati Mai Rural Municipality and Jung Bahadur Shahi, chairman of Mahavu Rural Municipality, have chosen CPN (US).

CPN (Unified Socialist) leader Amar Bahadur Thapa, who is also the Minister of Physical Infrastructure of Karnali, has reached out to every local level and asked people’s representatives to choose his party.

Source : TRN,