654 incidents of crimes ‘reported’ against children in FY 18/19; victims mostly girls: NCRC

  • September 12, 2019

National Child Rights Council (NCRC) has reported 654 crimes against children in the fiscal year 18/19 – girls are mostly victimized, the report shows.

NCRC has complied and prepared the report on the basis of the cases of crimes against children such as sexual violence and rape, murder, child marriage, child labour, trafficking, malnutrition, corporal punishment, suicide and kidnapping published in various News Medias in the FY.

According to the report, 654 crimes cases against children were reported in the FY in which 1080 children were affected. Among the categories of offences, rape and sexual incidents tops the list.

252 cases out of the total were related to rape and sexual incidents – 234 (93 %) were girls, whereas 18 (7%) were boys – while death cases of 24 is at the second position. The majority of victims of rape and sexual incident cases are within the age group of 11 and 18. The youngest victim of the rape was a nine month old girl from Sarlahi who was raped by a 14 y/o boy, the report reveals.

Similarly, 26 girls were reported to have been gang-raped.

Likewise, the reports details 196 cases of child marriage, 96 of trafficking, 65 of murder, 38 of malnutrition, 37 of corporal punishment, 27 of suicide, 12 of kidnapping and four of illegal abortion.

Of the 1080 violence affected children, 618 (57%) were girls, 441 (41 %) were boys and 21 were infants (4 %), the report shows.

According to the report, state 1 has recorded the highest number of children crimes with 131 cases ensued by state 3 with 117 cases.