68% Nepalis Develop Anti-Bodies Against Corona, Those Who Got Second Dose Of Vaccine Have 90% Anti-Bodies

As much as 68 per cent of people in Nepal are found to have developed antibodies against the novel coronavirus.

A report based on the survey test of 13,161 people aged above 6 months of age across the country conducted by the Ministry of Health and Population revealed the finding of the development of anti-body in 68 per cent of the people.

The report showed that people who had the first shot of the vaccine had 80 per cent anti-body while those who had got a second dose of the anti-COVID vaccine had developed 90 per cent anti-body against the virus.

The findings made it clear that the vaccines used in Nepal against COVID-19 were effective.

The people surveyed were from all the geographic regions of the country, plains, hills, and mountains.

However, the ministry urged all to abide strictly by health protocols and keep using masks, maintain physical distance and wash hands with soap so as to minimise the spread of the virus and adverse impact of the pandemic.

Source : TRN,