69 Percent Inoculated With Second Dose Of Anti-COVID Vaccines In Karnali

Around 69 percent eligible population of Karnali province have received second dose of anti-COVID vaccines.

According to the Province Health Directorate, as many as 972,648 people have been inoculated with second dose vaccine. So far 70 percent people got first dose in the province.
Information Officer of the Directorate, Padma KC shared that 107,681 have received booster dose in Karnali.

The anti-COVID vaccination campaign is underway across all districts. People are receiving Covishield, AstraZeneca, Verocell, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson in Karnali. Lately, coronavirus infection rate has invariably gone down in Karnali. Number of active cases in the province now has reduced to 26.

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