770 Nepalis evacuated from Afghanistan so far

As many as 770 Nepalis have been evacuated and rescued from Afghanistan as of Tuesday evening.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 102 people returned home on Tuesday, including 103 from Jordan Aviation and nine from Qatar Airways. The repatriated Nepalis are being brought to Kathmandu with the help of various countries and diplomatic missions.

All the returnees were tested for COVID-19 and managed at the holding center arranged by the government at Samakhushi of Kathmandu Metropolis, read a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday evening.

The Ministry said that continuous coordination and facilitation were underway with Doha, Dubai, London and New Delhi to bring Nepalis rescued from Afghanistan to Kathmandu.

As the country’s civil aviation service is not operational in Kabul, Nepal is not in a position to rescue nationals on its own in domestic aircrafts. For now, Nepal has no choice but to rescue its citizens with the help of other countries.

Nepal’s government on August 15 had called for the evacuation of an estimated 1,500 Nepalis working as security staff with embassies and with international aid groups in Afghanistan. The actual number of Nepalis – undocumented workers — living in Afghanistan is estimated to be higher.

Nepalis who are in Afghanistan and have not yet registered their names at the DoCS portal can register themselves or ask their families to make an entry of their whereabouts. Updates can be fed in the online registration portal https://nepalconsular.gov.np.

People can contact DoCS at +977-9749326458, MoFA at +9779749326459 and Embassy of Nepal in India at +918929601925 on cell phone, Viber and WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has repeatedly urged the returnee migrants to inform the government through the web portal when they safely reach destination.