80 Health Workers To Be Added In Bheri Hospital

Following the overflow of COVID-19 patients and scarcity of human resource in Nepalgunj’s Bheri Hospital, the Health Ministry has decided to deploy 80 health workers including specialist health professionals.
The Hospital Development Committee informed that the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) on Monday decided to add 80 more health workers to the hospital to attend to the huge number of virus-infected patients.
Krishna Prasad Shrestha, a member of the committee, said, “The ministry has already sent the authority letter to deploy 80 health workers for three months at Bheri Hospital which is currently providing treatment to the patients of three provinces.”
According to the letter sent by the ministry, 10 medical officers, two nursing officers, three anesthesiologists, five lab technicians, 40 staff nurses, and 20 hospital cleaners are being appointed to the hospital for three months on a contractual basis.  
Sating that the workers will be appointed immediately by issuing a notice, member Shrestha said that it would be easy for the hospitals to provide treatment to the infected patients.
Prior to this, after the Health Ministry was informed about the shortfall of human resources and isolation beds in Bheri Hospital, the ministry had sent Dr. Mahendra Shrestha and chief medical superintendent Dr. Roshan Neupane’s team to Nepalgunj for inspection. The inspection team had recommended the ministry add human resources after visiting Nepalgunj.
Shrestha said that the ministry decided to add health workers and beds immediately on the recommendation of the inspection team.