83 Per Cent Population Has Internet Access

A population of 24 million 735 thousand has access to the internet service in Nepal.

Statistics for the six months of the current fiscal year recently released by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) states that 388 thousand more internet users have been recorded in the month of Poush compared to Mangsir.

A total of 24 million 347 thousand 157 people had access to the internet service in the month of Mangsir.

The statistics show that 82.79 per cent of the total population has access to internet services. NTA prepared the report considering the population projection (2011-2030) as the base. It has made the total population 29 million 876 thousand 531 as the basis.

As per the data shared by the Authority, mobile internet has the highest contribution. Mobile internet occupies 60.34 per cent till January 13, 2021. More than 11 million 200 thousand people have access to 3G internet. Of them, 8 million 634 thousand people have access to the 3G service of Nepal Telecom and 2 million 566 thousand to 3G service of Ncell.

Similarly, 6 million 689 thousand people are 4G users and 136 thousand 573 are e-video users. Of the 4G users, the highest number of people is of Ncell. A total of 4 million 86 thousand people are Ncell 4G users till January 13, 2021. Two million 383 thousand people are 4G users of Nepal Telecom while 219 thousand are Smart telecom users.

Likewise, Fix Broadband has occupied 21.68 per cent. There are 864 thousand ADSL users and 5 million 611 thousand people have access to FTTH internet service.

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