96 government employees absent in surprise check

  • August 13, 2019

As many as 96 employees were found absent in course of monitoring of district-based government offices.

According to the District Administration Office Syangja, the surprise check found employees of different public offices absent. A monitoring team deputed from the district administration office found 96 employees absent in 20 federal and state offices, shared Kosh Hari Niraula, Chief District Officer, Syangja.

He further informed that the monitoring team found 19 officers and 77 other employees not attending the offices. The employees of district hospital were found not attending the office in the stipulated time. Hospital’s in-charge Dr Amrit Pokharel and Dr Sushil Marasini were found to have been absent since 29 July.  CDO Niraula said absence of all the officers at sensitive service delivery offices like hospital was unfortunate.  Dr Marasini had taken leave up to 16 July while Dr Pokharel has been on leave for two weeks, shared Ranju Pokharel, acting In-Charge of the hospital.

Likewise, all 10 employees of the Project Implementation Unit (Education) were found on deputation. Nine out of 11 employees of the district statistics office were fraudulently found on leave in the name of field works.

Clarification will be sought from the absent employees and the attendance of those not taking leave will also face action, CDO Niraula added.

The monitoring found absenteeism at Agriculture Knowledge Centre, District Health, Single Treasury Account, District Electricity Office, District Postal Office, Hydro Power and Irrigation Development Division, Ayurveda Office, National Reconstruction, District Coordination, Division Forest, Education Development and Coordination Unit, Veterinary Hospital and Orange Zone in Syangja, the District Administration Office sources said.