A Cylinder Of Gas Costs Rs. 2,400 At Raskot

Citizens of Raskot Municipality of Kalikot district have been paying Rs. 2,400 for a cylinder of cooking gas.
Consumers in the municipality, which is 26 kilometers away from the district headquarters Manma, have to pay Rs. 800 more than the price of a cylinder of cooking gas in district headquarters Manma.
In Manma, a cylinder of cooking gas costs Rs. 1,600. For Raskot, the gas has to go from Jite, 10 kilometers below without reaching the district headquarters Manma.
Even if the fare for 26 kilometers is added, the price of per cylinder should not be more than Rs. 1,800. But consumers have complained of having to pay Rs. 2,400.
The price of cooking gas has come to people’s notice after Shanta Roka Magar of Raskot Municipality-2 paid Rs. 2,400 per cylinder.
Secretary of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kalikot Kamal Prasad Baral admitted that the price of a cylinder of gas would reach Rs. 2,350 to Rs 2,400 after adding the transportation fare and profit on purchased price.
He said that they had to pay Rs. 2,000 per cylinder of gas in Jite market. There is no bridge in Jite.
After dropping the gas cylinders in Jite market and crossing Karnali by people, they have been put in a truck and taken to Raskot.
The District Administration Office, Kalikot, which is monitoring the market price, has stated that it has been asked to understand the matter.
Chief District Officer Krishna Prasad Acharya said that the prices of daily necessities are also increasing due to the increase in transportation fare in rural areas.
He expressed his commitment to control artificial price hike of goods by asking for disclosure of accounts after discussing the matter with the traders in the market.