A-Division Football Clubs Disqualified To Play In AFC

The A-Division Football Clubs in Nepal have been deemed ineligible to play in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) competition.

The football clubs here were unable to meet the basic criteria for the competition leading to their disqualification for the tournament.

The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) had requested AFC to grant ‘AFC Club License’ to the Nepali football clubs.

A total of 13 A-Division Football Clubs such as Nepal Police Club, Machchhindra Football Club, Sankata Club among others had applied for the tournament to be organized in 2021.

The AFC seems to be positive about the Tribhuvan Army Club for granting license, according to the ANFA.

To obtain the license, the football clubs ought to have their own ground, youth team, academy, accommodation facility for the players, place for training, trainers, players and officials among others.

Source : RSS,