Above 1,000 Containers Carrying Goods For Dashain Stopped At Khasa

Goods being transported to the capital by Nepali traders for the Dashain festival have been stopped in the Khasa area of Tibet, an autonomous region of China.

More than a thousand cargo containers are lined up in the Khasa area. According to Nepali traders, the Chinese side stopped the containers without any reason.

Containers carrying goods have been stopped in China after the Chinese side sent limited containers to Nepal on a daily basis.

Ashok Kumar Shrestha, president of the Nepal Himalayan Cross-Border Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the containers carrying clothes, electrical goods, apples, garlic, and other items for the Dashain festival have not entered Nepal and fruits are likely to decay.

Shrestha complained that it would take months for containers stopped in China to enter Nepal after limited containers being sent to Nepal.

Chief of the Tatopani Dry Port Customs Office Narad Gautam said that less than a dozen containers enter from China daily.

He informed that there have been problems in importing goods from China at different times as the Tatopani checkpoint, which was completely closed for four years after the earthquake, is still not fully operational.

Consul General in Lhasa, Tibet Nawaraj Dhakal said that during a meeting with officials of the Chinese Customs and Ports Authority, they had promised to release more than 20 cargo containers stopped in the Khasa area daily.

Nepali businessman Subash Timalsina has urged the government to create an environment for easy import of goods from Tatopani and Kerung.

Source : TRN,