Adanchuli Distributes 240 Improved Stoves

Humla’s Adanchuli rural municipality has distributed 240 improved stoves free of cost.

Rural municipality chair Dal Fadera shared that the improved stoves have been distributed to all households of ward-1 as per the plan of declaring Adanchuli a smoke-free rural municipality within coming three years.    

“A study has revealed that rural women have been facing health complications mostly due to the use of traditional stove”, chairperson Fadera said, adding, “We have started distributing improved stoves to three villages of ward-1 Kalkhe keeping into consideration the negative effects of traditional stoves on women health”.    

Ward-1 chairperson Ramya Thapa shared that the distribution of improved stoves has been initiated from three villages of ward-1 on the joint efforts of the rural municipality, Humla-based offices of drinking water, irrigation and hydropower and Alternative Energy Promotion Center.    
Thapa further said the rural municipality has mobilized its annual budget allocations as well as support from other concerned agencies to purchase the improved stoves and distribute to the needy population.    

The rural municipality had procured improved stoves from its budget of Rs 500,000 and Rs 550,000 aided by the offices of drinking water, irrigation and hydropower in the fiscal year 2076/77 BS. The AEPC had provided 50 percent subsidy in the procurement of stoves. 

Source : RSS,