ADB-Supported Modern Road Construction Begins In Shuklaphanta

The construction of modern road has begun in Shuklaphanta municipality as part of the regional urban development project with the loan assistance of the Asian Development Bank.

Under the project, three roads are to be constructed at the total cost of over Rs 278.7million through bidding process.

A contract has been signed with Raman KS JV for the construction of roads. The construction works have begun after five months since the contract signing was made.

Contract company engineer Amar Singh Eir said under the project 1.4 km road will be constructed in Pipaladi area, three-kilometer from Jhalari to Shantipath and 300 metres road leading to Sisaiya of Jhalari.

“The side cleaning has started along the roads in the first phase”, he added.

Source : RSS,