Agreement Between Manamohan Technical University And Karuna Foundation To Run Training Centre

The Manamohan Technical University of Province-1 and Karuna Foundation have signed agreement to run a skilled oriented training and resource centre.

They agreed for conducting skill oriented trainings at Birat Science Campus of Biratnagar Metropolitan City-14. The agreement was signed in the presence of Vice-Chancellor of the University and Minister for Social Development in Province-1, Jivan Ghimire, Chairperson of Budhiganga Rural Municipality, Balchandra Majhi, and University Chief Subash Shree Pokhrel and Co-Director of Karuna Foundation, Yogendra Giri.

Administrative Chief of the university Madan Pradhan said the agreement was made for five years to conduct skill oriented trainings in the building of Birat Science Campus. For it, the Karuna Foundation will provide Rs 5 million for repair in the building.

The properties and liability of Birat Science Campus were handed over to the Manamohan Technical University last August. Chairman of the campus, Bhuraj Rai, had handed over the properties of some Rs 400 million to campus chief Pokhrel.

On the occasion, Minister Ghimire informed that it would take one more year to conduct academic classes at university. So, for now, the skill oriented trainings would be provided.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,