Ailing PM Oli smiles and says ‘he is fine’, but doctors are advising him to take rest

  • November 3, 2019

Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli, who was admitted to Tokha based Grande Hospital on Wednesday citing high fever underwent two rounds of dialysis. Discharged from the hospital the next day, the PM and his aides assured he was fine, and that the dialysis were routine.

Briefing about his health condition at a meeting of Nepal Communist Party Central Secretariat on Saturday, Oli said “he underwent haemodialysis as his kidneys were not working properly, resulting in fluid build-up in his body.”  He also said he might have to undergo more rounds of dialysis, and that his doctors will advise him ‘if it would be wise to get another transplant’.

PM Oli, who underwent both kidney transplants in New Delhi over 12 years ago has been under strict medication since. Earlier in August, he travelled to Singapore for a plasmapheresis treatment –  a process that filters the blood and removes harmful antibodies.

Meanwhile, doctors are advising PM Oli to allow proper rest to his body – they have advised him to refrain from working long hours, avoid long meetings – all in all, to avoid the stress and exertion that comes while leading a nation.