Airport closed due to snowstorm in Humla

Local Tourist Enjoying Snow in Mustang

The snowstorm occurred in the district since Wednesday afternoon has brought the air flight to a complete halt. Chief District Officer Madhav Prasad Dhungana said the Simkot Airport’s runway is covered with snow, thereby disrupting the air flight.
However, works to clear the snow are underway. Nepal Army and the Armed Police Force personnel and airport employees are working together to restore the runway. Passengers have been stranded due to the forced closure of the airport. It is likely to take two more days to make the runway clear for the flight operation.
Meanwhile, the snowstorm has blown away roofs of over one dozen schools including the Simkot-based Mansarobar Secondary School in the district. Other schools hit by the storm are Raling Secondary School at Bargaun and Malika Secondary at Kharpunath rural municipality-1 and Kailash Basic School at Pyusa, among others, Mansarobar’s teacher Dhan Bahadur Aidi.
Likewise, the roof of a hostel meant for children with different abilities has been blown away, forcing such children to spend days in open. RSS