All Should Respect Judiciary’s Decision: DPM Pokhrel

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Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokhrel has said the democrats should accept and respect the decision of the judiciary. He said so while addressing a news conference organised by the Press Organisation Chitwan here today.

The Deputy Prime Minister said they would accept the judiciary’s decision.”Who says that the judiciary’s decision would not be accepted? Those not accepting the judiciary’s decisions cannot be democrats,” he added.

Stating they believed in the principle of separation of power, DPM Pokhrel said everyone should accept and respect the judiciary’s verdict.

Pokhrel, who is also the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Secretariat member, opined that although the two communist parties were united for the political stability, economic development and prosperity, it could not be sustainable.

The Deputy Prime Minister explained that the decision to dissolve the House of Representatives had been made as it was required to seek fresh mandate from the people for political stability. “How can the decision to go to the people and seek a fresh mandate be unconstitutional and undemocratic,” he wondered.

He reiterated that the election would be held on the stipulated date and urged all the citizens to participate in the election as it was a political opportunity. He said: “This election is for fresh people’s mandate and it will be in the interest of all.”

The deputy Prime Minister also stressed on the occasion that all the bodies concerned including the Election Commission and the security bodies have been preparing for the election.

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