All Should Strive Towards Achieving National Resolve: State Chief Pariyar

Chief of State no 2, Tilak Pariyar has wished that may the Constitution Day inspire all the people from diverse castes and communities to dedicate themselves in thoughts, words and action to achieving the national resolve of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’.    
Extending hearty best wishes to all the Nepalis on the occasion of the Constitution Day today, he said, “May this Day inspire all – various classes, castes, indigenous nationalities, Madhesis, women, Dalit, Muslim and backward regions – to work with dedication to achieve the national resolve.”    
In a message on the occasion, State Chief Pariyar also wished that may this Day further motivate the three tiers of government and the general public alike to translate the letter and spirit of the constitution into practice.    
Reminding that the constitution was achieved with the participation of hundred of thousands of people and the sacrifices of thousands in the several people’s movements including the People’s Movement, the People’s War, Madhes Movement, among others, State Chief Pariyar stressed on the effective implementation of the constitution.    
He has also thanked the three tiers of government, health workers, security persons, journalists, people’s representatives and philanthropists who are working day and night in the fight against COVID-19.

Source: RSS,