Anante Purni Marked In Humla

Anante Purni festival was celebrated in Chhipra village of Kharpunath Rural Municipality-5, Humla, on Sunday and Monday.
Every year, Anante Purni is celebrated for two days from the full moon day in the month of Asoj according to the lunar calendar. Every year, the festival is celebrated with much fanfare.

Babar Jung Hamal, a local of Chhipra village, said the shamans and spiritual healers throng the Luwasar and Lekhmajha temples and observe the festival by performing dances.
Anante Purni festival is observed by the shamans and natural healers by taking fast from the day of Eakadashi to Purnima (full moon day).

The shamans and spiritual healers drink boiled oil while dancing, lick hot trident and prepare black colour and vermillion powder from barley grains.
Hundreds of devotees arrive in Chhipra village to observe the festival. Many devotees arrive even from Darchula district to offer goats to the deity. There is also a tradition of sacrificing animals during the festival.
The devotees who reach the temples1 to observe the festivals are given home-made foods.

During the festival, shamans perform dances in the daytime while at night, young girls and boys of the village sing traditional Deuda songs.

Source : TRN, Photo : TRN,