ANTA Defers Convention

Association of Nepali Teraian in America (ANTA) has deferred its sixth general convention for next year.

Issuing a press statement a few days ago, the ANTA said that it decided to postpone the sixth general convention due to the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA and Nepal.

The statement further said that an annual meeting to be held in the coming November would fix the date and venue for the convention.

The sixth general convention scheduled for this year was deferred for next year due to the surging Delta variant of COVID-19 in the USA and Nepal, ANTA president Aprajita Jha said.

“Another reason behind the postponement of the convention is that our ANTA members have consistently been busy in distributing relief packages to the COVID-19 affected poor people in Terai, Nepal,” Jha added.

According to her, the date and venue for the convention would be decided by an annual meeting to be held in November.

ANTA’s general convention takes place in every two years. The general convention in November 2019 had elected the current central executive committee under president Jha.

Source : TRN,