‘Anti-corruption activist Gyanendra Shahi beaten up in Chitwan

  • September 29, 2019

Photo source: Facebook/ Mahesh BC

Gyanendra Shahi, an ‘anti-corruption campaigner’, was on Saturday severely beaten in Chitwan by a group of men yet to be identified. He was staging an anti-corruption demonstration when he was attacked by the group of men.

The attackers have also vandalized the victim’s vehicle. Shahi who was rescued by police was immediately rushed to Chitwan Medical College for treatment. He was later transferred to National Trauma Centre, Kathmandu for further treatment. He has sustained injuries to his head, amongst other places.

Police have arrested two people in their connection with the vandalism, but are yet to disclose if the attackers were connected to any political party. It is reported that Shahi had been warned not to stage any demonstration in the district by cadres and students affiliated to ruling Nepal Communist Party. He was tagged as “Pro-Monarch” by the cadres and students.

Gyanendra Shahi, a prominent anti-corruption activist among Nepalis is gaining popularity for his bold statements. Gaining his fame as a social activist from YouTube, he came into limelight earlier this year after he accused police of torturing him while he was being repatriated from Sukhet to the capital. He was being held in custody for violating a cyber-crime law.

He had also recently come into the spotlight involving the Tourism Minister and Buddha Air delay scandal.

In a viral video, he along with a few others were seen accosting the Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai for delaying a Buddha Air flight cleared for take-off at Nepalgunj Airport, because ‘the minister was arriving, and he had to be in Kathmandu for a parliamentary meeting the next day’. An earlier Aawaaj report had stated there was a morning flight available for the minister to catch which would allow him to arrive in Kathmandu for the meeting on time.

Following the incident, several youth organisations affiliated with the ruling party criticised Gyanendra – calling him a pro-monarch. Rastriya Yuva Sangh Nepal, Kaski Chapter, a sister organisation of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) prohibited Gyanendra Shahi from entering Kaski district – just for your info – a political organisation can bar an individual from entering any district of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The constitution of the nation also protects the right of an individual to criticise the government (on public platforms too) – however look where that landed Shahi.