Anti COVID-19 Vaccines To Be Managed For Flood, Landslide Affected

The Ministry of Health and Population has decided to manage anti-COVID-19 vaccines for the landslide and flood-affected people.

The Minister for Education, Science and Technology Krishna Gopal Shrestha who is assigned to look after the portfolio of the Ministry of Health and Population as well, while assuming post at the Ministry today, committed to managing the vaccines to the affected people soon after bringing the vaccines from abroad.

Minister Shrestha opined that joint efforts of all can defeat the pandemic. He said saving the lives of the people was the first priority of the government and that the rest of the sectors of the economy could be activated if the pandemic was brought under control.

The Minister also shared that discussions were being held with various countries for bringing the vaccines. He said the COVID-19 pandemic could be contained through the coordinated efforts of the federal, provincial and local governments alone.

The Health and Population Minister said the government has started the preparations against the third wave of COVID-19 from now.

On the occasion, Minister signed on the agreement on principle of receiving Rs 330 million to be provided by the Banking Association to construct physical infrastructures in health sectors.

On the occasion, Secretary at the Ministry Laxman Aryal shared that the anti COVID vaccines would be managed to 33 per cent population by coming August. He added that the process was forwarded to purchase one million vaccines.

Source : RSS,