Anti-COVID Vaccination To Start Wednesday

Covishield, the vaccine against COVID-19 has arrived in Karnali province from the central government on Monday night. A total of 24,000 vile of the vaccine were transported to Karnali via the Nepalgunj cold store, after it was received from Kathmandu.

The provincial health directorate is initiating the vaccination programme from tomorrow. A total of 12 hospitals in Karnali have been designated as the vaccination centres, said Director of the directorate Dr Rabin Khadka. These include eight district hospitals and the provincial hospital in Birendranagar, Mehelkuna hospital, Surkhet, the Karnali Institute of Health Sciences, Jumla, Chaurjahari community hospital, West Rukum.

Arrangement has been made to airlift the vaccine to the mountain districts of Karnali namely Humla, Jumla, Mugu and Dolpa and to other districts via road from the provincial headquarters, Birendranagar.

The vaccine will be administered in the two doses, and the second after 28 days of the first dose, Khadka said. The province plans to immunize frontline workers including the health workers, cleaning staff, security persons involved in body management, ambulance drivers and women health volunteers.

According to latest statistics of the Social Development Ministry, a total of 7,495 people in the province have been confirmed positive to Corona Virus, with 29 deaths so far.

Source : RSS,