APF Struggling To Get Land For Its Office In Baglung

After the government decided to station the Armed Police Force (APF) in all districts two years back, Baglung also got the APF persons for peace and security, border security, disaster management and riot control.

But, the APF persons are living under tent for two years. There is no land for construction of office. The APF Company is making do with a narrow old building of land conservation office now.

The stakeholders in the district have not been active to arrange land for the APF. Although efforts were made to provide seven ropanis of land belonging to the old District Postal Office, the local protested the initiative, arguing that APF could not be stationed inside bazaar.

Similarly, preparation was made to set up the office at Baglung Municipality-3 but it was also thwarted by the locals.

APF Company Chief Deputy Superintendent of Police, Ramesh Kumar Gurung, informed that the workforce could not be mobilized well in need for lack of land to run the office. “The Company needs 200 armed police, but there are only 50. Among 50, 30 are living under tent,” he shared the plight.

He observed that although APF is mobilized for citizen’s peace, security and disaster management, the local people’s dissent to set up office is wrong. “We’re disciplined,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Prithvi Gurung, some days back, had an onsite inspection of Rametar area to set up APF Company and made commitment to accomplish the task. “It’s quite worrying the APF committed to citizen’s peace and security is not allowed land for setting up office for two years,” CM Gurung said, “As I’m actively searching for land, it would be managed soon.”

Similarly, Baglung Municipality Mayor Janakraj Poudel informed that the APF would get the land soon. Necessary efforts and coordination are underway for it, he added.

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