Apples Ripening In Humla, Farmers Happy (Photo Feature)

In the Himalayan district Humla, apples are about to ripen. As the apples begin to ripen, the farmers are happy. Shanti Bohara, who has 80 apple trees expressed her happiness as apples starting to ripen.

She has thought of selling apples when they are fully ripe. She said that she will start earning from apples that are sold at Rs. 10 per apple. Now she used to spent the whole day on her apple farm.

According to the Agriculture Development Office Humla, there are more than 100 farmers in Humla planting more than 50 apple plants. The problem with getting better results is the same for everyone. Overall, apple production in the district is expected to decline.

Source : TRN, Photo : TRN,(Rajan rawat)