Asian Buffalo Congress Underway In Chitwan

The Asian Buffalo Congress kicked off in Rampur of Chitwan, is to witness the presentations of 140 research papers relating to seven different topics. The papers are to be presented by incorporating policy to technical issues of the related areas.

‘Buffalo production for food security and livelihood,’ is the theme of the Congress.

According to Congress organising committee chair Pro Dr Bhuminandan Devkota, policy and socio-economic impacts of buffalo farming in Nepal, buffalo milk and food security, conceptual planning for embracing genomics-based selection of dairy animals and production, transfer and cryopreservation of buffalo embryos through multiple ovulation and embryo transfer technology are among those working papers to be presented in the Congress.

During the inauguration of the session, representatives from five countries gave their presentations about the condition of buffalo farming in the respective countries. Over 350 animal scientists from 17 countries are attending the Congress being held virtually.

A meeting of the International Buffalo Federation and the General Assembly of the Asian Buffalo Association are scheduled on the sidelines of the Congress to be concluded on October 29.

The event is expected to explore innovative ideas for improved buffalo farming, its management, buffalo health, better marketization and utility, contributing to the promotion of research-based buffalo farming, said Committee chair Dr Devkota.

The event is jointly organised by the Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Asian Buffalo Federation and International Buffalo Federation. It is said around 47 per cent of success has been achieved through off-season buffalo breeding technology in Nepal.

Source : RSS,