At least 9 arrested for transferring over 15 million from Agricultural Development Bank

  • September 25, 2019


A foreign national named Peter aka Kale has been revealed as the main mastermind behind the latest hacking scandal to grip the nation. Police have made 12 people public today who were arrested for their alleged involvement into the hacking.

According to Police, Peter who has been working actively from Mumbai, India, had planned to hack $50 million from various banks and finance institutions in the country, using Nepali residents’ accounts. He had successully hacked the credentials of Agriculture Development Bank, Nabil Bank, Panash Remit, Kailash Bikash Bank.

He would transfer money to Nepali Residents’ accounts and share a portion of the hacked amount with those Nepali residents involved in the hacking. The remaining amount would be sent to India – it is reported that he would share 15 -30 percent of the amount.

An estimated 48 million has been stolen, only 4.5 million rupees has been recovered.



Nepal Police have taken at least 9 people in custody for alleged involvement in looting over 15 million rupees from the country’s Agricultural Development Bank Limited bank.

A team of police from Metropolitan Crime Division arrested them from both inside and outside the valley last night. They reached the suspects through ATMs used by them to withdraw cash from booths. The arrestees are now being kept at Metropolitan Crime Division.

According to police, they would be made public today via a press conference.

It is reported the group of people gained access to the bank’s system illegally, then used the system to transfer money into other accounts, and then withdrew the cash from ATMs.