Kusum Shahi Writes Nepali Birthday Song

Many Nepalis these days tend to follow western-culture by forgetting the Nepali traditional culture.
Various festivals like birthday, Dai Chiura (yogurt, beaten rice ceremony) are now celebrated in the western style as baby shower in Nepal.

Nepalis are influenced not only by western culture but also by the Indian practices. From wedding to Rakchhya Bandan, Nepalis are found copying the Indian ways of celebrations.
Western culture is flourishing not only in Kathmandu but also in other cities of Nepal.

In the meantime, tourism entrepreneur Kusum Shahi has written a Nepali birthday song ‘Subhakamana’ with the intention to promote Nepali culture.
Talking to The Rising Nepal, she said, “I wonder why Nepalis are celebrating birthday according to western culture even when we have our own unique style of birthday celebration.

Stating that Nepalis celebrate birthday by worshiping ‘Astha Chiranjibi Pooja’, visiting temples and taking blessings from elders, she said that she wanted to promote Nepali culture through this song.
“As a tourism entrepreneur, I have worked with so many foreigners and listened to them. They also want Nepalis celebrate birthday in their own style,” she added.

The Subhakamana birthday song is sung by Mandavi Tripati. “We also have our own style to celebrate such ceremonies and it is a high time to give importance to our own culture,” she added. Shahi is also planning to write a song on ‘Dai Chiura’ tradition. Now ‘Dai Chiura’ culture which is celebrated in the seventh to eighth months of pregnancy by feeding and blessing the expecting mother.

Source ; TRN,