Baglung Sees Commercial Farming Of Dragon Fruit

Baglung has witnessed increasing commercial farming of dragon fruit – that has drawn a huge demand in the market of late.

Pratiman Thapa, a local of Kathekhola rural municipality-1, Pala Karina of Baglung, has initiated cultivating dragon fruit in the barren land after he returned home from overseas employment.

Thapa who spent four years in Korea now has engaged his capital and labour in commercial farming of dragon fruit. He has started cultivating fruits in 15 ropani land so as to promote self-entrepreneurship in own place.

In the beginning he has invested Rs 2 million for the commercial farming of dragon fruit.

“Our youths do not need to go abroad for employment if they can engage their efforts in commercial agro farming”, he said, adding, “I also went abroad without knowing much.

Later I realized that we can make a good earning in our home land if we put same level of efforts here”.

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